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From Bari airport onward

Traffic! Bari has a population of just under 320,000. During peak commuter times and holiday periods the 20-25 minute drive around the Baritangenziale can take up to 50 minutes, adding significantly to your journey time. The journey around Bari is unavoidable if you are heading to destinations south of the airport. Brindisi has a population of just under […]

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Bari or Brindisi (Salento) Airport?

Geographically Lecce and the south are closer to Salento airport. Heading to Gargano and north of Bari will make more sense from Bari airport. But if your destination is the Valle d’Itria either might be suitable. The most straightforward route to Alberobello is the same distance from both airports, although the drive from Bari airport takes […]

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Puglia or Apulia?

Puglia is how Italians refer to the region, derived from the historic Latin name Apulia. Traditionally English speakers have referred to the historic Apulia. But in line with modern naming convention the traditional name is fading away from usage in favour of Puglia.

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