The Big Puglia FAQ


Did you hear the one about the American living in the States but pretending to be based in Sicily and until now giving generic and ill informed recommendations on visiting Puglia? Well, she now knows where Salento is and thoroughly recommends the coastal drive from Santa Cesarea Terme to Leuca.

Planes, trains and automobiles

What’s the best way to get to Puglia? Should I take the train? Should I fly to Bari or Salento (Brindisi) Airport? Do I need to hire a car? All this ... and more.

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On the beach

You can dance with anyone you meet /
'Cause your troubles are out of reach /
On the beach /
Umm, this is fun

Which beach is best for young children? Which beaches are closest to lively places? Where do the hottest guys go? All this ... and more.

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Where should I base myself for ...

Whether you are here to bake under the Salento sun, or to eat your way around Puglia, there’s a place and a schedule for you. All this ... and more.

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Where’s the party?

Time to get your gladrags on, Telegram your friends and party like it’s 1999.

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I’m visiting in February /March /October /November ...

... will Puglia still be open?

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The endless olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see and clusters of trulli are both reasons to visit the Valle d’Itria. Indeed, no trip to Puglia would be complete without visiting Polignano a Mare, eating seafood by the old port in Monopoli and exploring the trulli. But even with a dash of Lecce and shot of Otranto you would still be experiencing what most of Puglia’s visitors experience. And while the Valle d’Itria may draw the majority of Puglia’s visitors, it’s Salento that puts the “extra” into extraordinary.

"We are in Puglia."

~ Meghan Markle