The Big Gay Podcast Guides to Puglia


Exploring Puglia is like walking through a painting rich in hues of vibrant blue and green. Our two coasts, punctuated with coves carved out of the rock by relentless crashing seas, boasting sharp and jagged seascapes softened by magnificent beaches of white and golden sand and caressed by warm azure waters, add the texture.


The only town in Puglia where you'll see a constant flow of tour buses. There is an impressive array of tourist trinkets on show - most trulli are souvenir shops. But not all - others are restaurants.

Nevertheless the town is unique and its trulli the association that connects most people to our region. Visit early to avoid the crowds and don’t be disappointed if you leave disappointed. You can always visit the beautifully set Costa dei Trulli Ripagnola for a more authentic trulli experience.

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Most visitors fly in or out of Bari, our regional capital. The old town - Bari vecchia -  winds around the Basilica di San Nicola containing the relics of Russia’s patron saint. Walk around the narrow cobbled alleys and you will notice Italian grandmothers sitting beyond their doorways rolling, cutting and shaping orecchiette, the iconic pasta of Puglia.

Be sure to stroll along the lungomare stopping off for some freshly landed, and ludicrously inexpensive, sea urchins with bread and beer at El Chiringuito on the Molo S. Nicola.

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Salento’s baroque masterpiece. Enjoy a pasticciotto and cafe leccese when you are in town (Puglia’s favourite pastry, like a sweet pie with a custard, chocolate or jam filling, accompanied by this iced coffee with almond syrup).

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Accolades such as European Capital of Culture 2019 and being the spectacular setting for the opening sequence of the #JamesBond25 film No Time To Die are not our reasons for listing Matera.

Navigating the historic Sassi districts is only possible by observation and perseverance. An almost impossible maze of caves and dwellings - some left untouched, others beautifully and sympathetically refurbished - standing on top of the other, of winding passageways, stone steps and dry air. As improbable as the recursive designs found in Dutch artist M.C. Escher’s works of art.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site not to be missed. This is not Puglia. This is Matera.

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Not the board game, but a better option for a quieter, less expensive lunch or more intimate dinner than Polignano a Mare.

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If it is your first visit to Puglia la città bianca is the perfect base to discover our region. Set in the heart of the Valle d’Itria, Ostuni offers easy access to Locorotondo, Ceglie Messapica and Alberobello. The Adriatic coast can be seen atop the centro storico, with Monopoli and Polignano a Mare only a short drive away.

Ostuni’s rich heritage can be discovered around every corner of the labyrinth of the old town’s narrow cobble streets and alleyways that make for perambulatory paradise. They might take you to a rooftop garden with a view of the Adriatic over the centuries old olive groves that lie below, or they might just lead to a dead end ... leaving you no option but to turn around and explore some more.

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Our landscape boasts a tricolour of green, white and red: the green of the verdant olive groves, stretching as far as the eye can see; the white of limestone ever present in the drystone walls that surround them, the ancient stone dwellings that populate them and the dramatic coastal cliffs and stacks that contain our region; the ferrous red of the soil, pulsing with vitality. Set in an endless blue painted blue as the azure sea bleeds seamlessly into deep blue skies. Welcome to Puglia. Our home.