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With two popular local gay cruising beaches and one of Puglia’s best known main gay and nudist (optional) beach all within easy reach, what’s not to like about Ostuni? An ever more popular destination for LGBTQ+ travellers, with the Valle d’Itria on its doorstep and a vibrant nightlife that’s more sophisticated than Gallipoli. Little wonder that David’s Grindr pings off the scale in summer ...

Torre Pozzella

Where the straight guys come looking for “something different from what they get at home”.


Gone cruising

A vacant towel? Must have gone cruising in the woods. Lamaforca - Ostuni’s main cruising beach.


Torre Guaceto

Puglia’s best known - and hardest to reach - gay and naturist (optional) beach.


 The Big Gay Guide to Ostuni

The Big Gay Podcast and Guide to Ostuni

Listen to our follow-up guide to gay Ostuni with our guest @daviditalia92 with some adult themes.

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By way of reminder, public beaches safe spaces open to all. While certain activities occur these may be tolerated rather than lawful. Engaging in sexual activity in public can result in fines ranging from €500 to €30,000.

The two busiest cruising areas around Ostuni are Lamaforca and Torre Pozzelle beaches on its outskirts.

Lamaforca and Torre Pozzella, in close proximity to each other, and about 8 km from Ostuni itself, just off the main coastal highway.

These are not gay beaches per se. They are actually popular family beaches, with dedicated tourist villages nearby. In summer these resorts are packed. The families staying there, as well as some Italians, use the beaches.

The Villaggio Turistico at Lamaforca is popular with Swedish and other scandinavian guests, often appreciated by the dark skinned, dark eyed, hairy Italians ...

Peak cruising times | morning before 10am | between 2-4pm | from 6pm onwards, getting ever more popular as the sun sets.

Lamaforca gay beach Ostuni, Puglia beach guide The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia
Lamaforca gay beach Ostuni, Puglia beach guide The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia


Exit the E55/SS379 highway at the exit for Lamaforca and Torre Pozzella.

Once you are over the bridge crossing the highway, turn right for Lamaforca. The road to the beach is a left turn off the side road that runs parallel to the highway, after about 150 metres.

The action starts on the drive down to the beach (but watch out for the potholes on the road). Guys will cruise you slowing down for a closer inspection as they drive by.

A little before the end of the road about 15 metres after the first gate (on your right) for the Lamaforca villagio turistico, turn left along the dirt track towards the woods, to where the car park is. You don't even need to go as far as the beach. The wooded area behind the car park, at the side of the beach, is where the action happens. Families pass by to go down to the beach, oblivious or otherwise to what is happening only some 20 metres in... Though they have to be pretty bind to be that oblivious to it...

You will see guys waiting in their cars, or standing just by the paths that lead into the woods. Apparently they are a friendly bunch, likely to chat to you and ask you what you are looking for before inviting you to follow them into the woods.

If you do continue to the beach, you will notice the gay, bi or otherwise inquisitive guys usually sunbathing close to the carpark side of the beach.

The beach itself only amounts to a small stretch of sand, inside a rocky cove, itself popular to sit or lie out on (lounger or chair recommended for the rocks).

Once into the woods, which stretch back for a short distance, just follow the paths, and the people.

Torre Pozzella

Our Ostuni insider’s favourite of the two. More straight guys come here looking for “something different from what they get at home”.

From the bridge over the highway, turn left. The turn off to Torre Pozzella is about 15om along, turning off towards the sea on the right.

Once again the action takes place in the trees and scrub behind the beach, but be careful because during holidays and weekends, families will be bathing in and around the beach.


Even though it was European Capital of Culture 2019 and the spectacular setting for the opening sequence of the #JamesBond25 film “No Time To Die”, this is not Puglia. But as a near neighbour Matera is definitely not to be missed.


Not the board game, but a better option for a quieter, less expensive lunch or more intimate dinner than Polignano a Mare.

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Traces of Ostuni’s rich heritage are to be discovered around every corner of the labyrinth of the old town’s narrow cobble streets. Located in the ever popular Valle d'Itria the city's population swells from about 32,000 to over 100,000 in summer.

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If you visit the Valle D’Itria then you have only seen a fifth of the colour, the diversity and the landscape that Puglia has to offer.

"We are in Puglia"

~ Tom Hanks