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The Puglia Kitchen | Fig and Rosemary Chutney

#ThePugliaKitchen takes a no frills approach to cooking. It celebrates fresh and seasonal produce bursting with flavour taken from our land and sea.

In our #PugliaKitchen we apply two principles (1) something can be made from (almost) nothing and (2) we try to make sure that nothing goes to waste.

Our glut of figs from three trees in our olive grove is currently challenging us. We have pickled and preserved, baked and eaten fresh. We are drying some in the sun and ice cream and semifreddo treats are on the horizon.

But we still have baskets full of figs, waiting to be cared for.

To help we have taken inspiration from other cuisines. This is always a gamble. Friends and neighbours aren’t always open to new dishes. Some of our crossover recipes have been popular: our Christmas pasticciotti in place of mine pies, and our haggis bombette. Most have not. In Italy’s south, with the exception of sushi and a few Chinese restaurants, foreign cuisines rarely feature.

As for our fig chutney, to be served with cheese, time will tell…


figs 1.5kg fresh, chopped

apple cider vinegar 600ml
light brown sugar 500ml

apples 3 cored and diced
red onions 2 medium, diced
dried sultanas 300g
dried apricots 200g, chopped
ginger 50g (we used leftover candied ginger but you can use fresh)
fresh rosemary 2 large sprigs
sea salt a generous pinch


Add all the ingredients to an enamelled, stainless steel or other non-reactive pan.

Bring to a gentle simmer. In #ThePugliaKitchen we prefer a flame that tickles rather than an angry one!

Keep uncovered and, but only occasionally, stir gently. The end result should be sticky like jam, with translucent figs shining through.

Sterilise your jars. Remove the rosemary sprigs and carefully decant into the jars. Store as you would your jam. The chutney will become sweeter with age.


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