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Eating out? Don’t obsess over TripAdvisor

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You check your Instagram. Everyone is having the perfect meal, in a perfect restaurant on their perfect holiday... You deserve it too. But trying to accommodate your holiday companions’ dietary preferences, avoiding tourist traps and the pressure of finding perfection weigh too heavily. You turn to TripAdvisor, are encouraged by a few good reviews. Then Pamela from Aberdeen writes that although the food was excellent and the staff attentive and friendly, once the restaurant filled up, they had to wait a little too long for their bill to come.... and you are dithering (undecided) again!

Here’s the thing. Take a chance. On the whole, when it comes to Italian cuisine, there is no such thing as bad food served here in Puglia (just unsuitable choices). Don’t obsess trying to find that cool restaurant that’s off the radar, but sufficiently on trend. Don’t spend hours marching around town to find the highly recommended Neapolitan pizza joint that closed in 2017. Be spontaneous, be courageous.

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