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For the best pizza in Puglia go to Lecce – and that’s official!

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The 3rd annual Italian Pizza Awards, the Oscars of the pizza world, took place in Rome last month. A jury of around 200 food and wine journalists select the best pizzas nationally and regionally, with awards including Best Pizza in Italy, Best Traditional Pizza and Best Regional Pizza.

The award for the Best Pizza in Italy was won by Franco Pepe from Pepe in Grani, a pizzeria in Caiazzo around 50km north of Naples, who also won the award for the Best Traditional Pizza.

Puglia was represented by 3 candidates: 400 Gradi (Lecce), Pomodoro e Basilico (Martina Franca) and Canneto Beach 2 (Margherita di Savoia) with the award for Puglia’s best pizza going to 400 Gradi led by pizza chef Andrea Godi, whose pizza ranked 40th overall (out of 100 nominations).

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