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Don’t come to Puglia – go back

Puglia’s Governor Michele Emiliano has issued a dramatic appeal following today’s government decree placing a quarter of Italy’s population under quarantine.

“Don't come to Puglia, go back.”

The appeal issued via Facebook was posted immediately after Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte's signature on the new containment measures, in anticipation of a rush of Italians based in the quarantine zone trying to make it back to Puglia before these come into effect later today.

"Do not bring the Lombard, Venetian and Emilian epidemic to your Puglia by running away from the government decree," urges the Governor.

“Stop and go back,” he urges.

"I speak to you as if you were my children, my brothers, my grandchildren,” he continues.

“Get off at the first train station, don't take the planes for Bari and Brindisi, go back with the cars, leave the bus at the next stop... you have made a wrong decision."

Referencing the ordinance "for the contrast and containment on the regional territory of the spread of the Covid-19 virus" he warns:

"Unfortunately I have no power to block you, but I can order you to communicate your arrival to the family doctors and to remain at home in solitary confinement for 14 days".

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