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Covid-19 lockdown in Puglia – week 4

We are coming to the end of our 4th week of stay at home sequestration in Puglia. The government has officially extended the covid-19 lockdown until 13 April, but it is likely that it will be extended again until 1 May - at the earliest. According to head of Italy’s Protezione Civile Angelo Borrelli (the government body akin to a homeland security department, for matters relating to the prediction, prevention and management of exceptional events) we can expect that it will continue until 15 May, at which time the phasing out of restrictions will commence.

Crazy times make people do crazy things.

In the last few days a 50-year old from Bari was charged with “culpable infection”. He had tested positive but chose to ignore his quarantine, being stopped on the street during a random check by the carabinieri. He claimed that he was going to the supermarket.

Even worse, a mafia bomb exploded in Foggia outside a day care centre for the elderly. It is the second time this year that the centre has been targeted. Its owners are prosecution witnesses against the mafia, the bomb a message to intimidate them.

And desperate times make people take desperate measures.

A video emerged of a couple begging for a €50 advance outside a bank in Bari, Puglia, after their shop was forced to close due to the quarantine.

With no work there is no money. With no money people are unable to buy food and have been running out of supermarkets without paying. Worries are that social unrest is growing as the lockdown continues ...

Of course, times are tough everywhere, so we leave you with this video made by one of our friends and her family, from Torre Santa Susanna in Salento. Look out for the word play: may the Italian PM be with you ... enjoy, stay well and remember; andrà tutto bene 🌈.

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