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We (l) come back to Puglia

Italy will reopen its borders to foreign travel on 3 June.

The Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte signed a decree early this morning. We (l) come back to Puglia!

It is the same day that national restrictions will be lifted and we can travel around Italy. From that date we will be allowed to leave Italy and travel abroad.

The resumption and availability of flights still has to be confirmed.

Ryanair plans to reintroduce 40% of flights from 1 July, subject to travel restrictions being lifted and safety measures being brought in at airports. British Airways have indicated that they plan to return to 50% capacity by July. easyJet does not yet have a date for restarting flights.

Once here social distancing will have to be observed including on beaches, in bars and in restaurants. Whether the coronavirus plexiglass box for beaches, bars and restaurants will be introduced in Puglia, as has been proposed in our media, remains to be seen.

And returning home you may be subject to quarantine restrictions imposed by your own country on people entering from abroad. We understand that the UK will introduce a 14-day quarantine period, which will apply to both visitors and UK nationals returning from abroad (there may be exceptions, but none currently mooted with Italy).

We (l) come back to Puglia - our home!

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