Summer 2020 photoshoot – preview

With summer well and truly here (at last - it took its time) we found ourself on the beach once more for our main Summer 2020 photoshoot.

The beach was a location borne of necessity; at  a little over 30°C in the shade, we all needed to dip into the sea to cool off.

The principal location was the beautiful, award winning Torre dell'Orso beach in Salento.

Its a busy beach, but with good reason. The waters are so very translucent, the crowd young and vibrant. With some cool beach lidos to hang out at, although there is plenty of public space.

The Torre dell'Orso stands at the head of the beach. At the other end le due sorelle sit in the ocean, looking to the shore. Another Puglia legend of tragedy and transformation, for eternal salvation.

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