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Travelling to Italy post Covid-19 lockdown? What you need to know.

Italy’s daily R0 infection index - 15|21 June (8|14 June)

One key measure for tracking the Covid-19 risk is the R0, or basic reproduction number, which indicates how many new cases one infected person generates.

For an R0 of three we would expect each new case of a disease to produce three other infections. An R value of 1 or more will mean that the infection will spread through an entirely susceptible population.

For a detailed explanation of the R0 index see here from the UK’s The Guardian newspaper.

Puglia’s contagion index has fallen over the last 2 weeks from 0,62 to 0,36.

Three regions are the cause for concern with the rate creeping up over 1: Lombardia, Emilia Romagna and Lazio. Tuscany appears to be on the same trend while Umbria has recorded no new infections.

Disclaimer | the purpose of this post is to inform, not to offer guidance as to whether it is safe - or not - to travel. Any decision to do so is personal, and travel taken at your own risk.


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