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Covid-19 in Puglia | 19 August Bulletin

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In Puglia the coronavirus situation is relatively under control. Since the start of the pandemic this February the total of confirmed cases in Puglia (as of yesterday) is 4,862.

With more visitors arriving in our region we are seeing a slow but steady increase in the rate of infection with 325 current confirmed cases as of 18 August, compared with less than 25 under a month ago.

Tourism has certainly been returning to Puglia since Italy’s lockdown ended and our borders reopened on June 3. Nevertheless bookings are still down across the entire region. A reduction of between 40% to 60% compared with previous summers according to our conversations with various business operators running bars, restaurants, clubs, lidos and providing accommodation, from Vieste to Alberobello all the way to Santa Maria di Leuca at the tip of the heel of Italy.

Italians holidaying at home - which has been much encouraged - seems to have done little to mitigate lost income from foreign visitors.

But it does mean that its a great time to visit our region, with savings to be had and far fewer visitors around.

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