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The BIG 2021 Podcast Guide to Polignano a Mare

Think of Puglia and you may well picture Polignano a Mare. It has one of the most iconic views of Puglia, often found on the cover of guide books to our region. Oh, and that song you know, “Volare”...

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Welcome to Polignano a Mare and to our city guide podcast. 

We are an inclusive travel blog and podcast. We might have some information that is of particular relevance to LGBTQ+ travellers, but we all love to eat, drink, visit the beach, sight see and shop. Our travel tips will be of interest to anyone visiting Puglia and the destination covered.

Each podcast will include “live” content and commentary recorded on location; perhaps a visit to one of the restaurants that we recommend, perhaps a little conversation with someone local, or just passing through - who knows. But that way you will be able to discover a little more with us, to help guide you.

So, let’s start with Polignano a Mare - one of our favourite places to be in Puglia, and certainly one of Puglia’s most iconic destinations.

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The streets, walls and doors of Polignano’s old town are decorated with poetry drawn by Guido Lupore, using the tag Guido il Flâneur. Photo the Puglia Guys for The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia
Mario Campanella “Il Super Mago del Gelo” photo by the Puglia Guys for The Big Gay Podcast from Puiglia.
Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia definitive guide.
Polignano a Mare, Puglia. The Old Town. Photo The Puglia Guys for the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia

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