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Puglia’s sagre food festivals

Burrata from Puglia for foodies food guide to Puglia Italy

Sagre food festivals celebrate the Pugliese spirit. These communal feasts are vibrant, welcoming occasions. You will eat well, side by side with neighbours and with strangers. There is no better way to get to the heart - and to understand the importance - of our regional cooking.

Pizza from Puglia | photo the Puglia Guys for the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia travel guides to Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBTQ travel.

The chance to feast with family and neighbours, with friends and strangers is at the heart of many celebrations in Puglia.

The chance to eat well and learn. Most sagre have local producers bringing their goods to stall. There are demonstrations and tastings.

But a sagra is not just about the food. These are welcoming social occasions. The glue that binds us. Local culture and traditions are shown off. Luminarie and fairy lights decorate the streets and squares to make impromptu al fresco dining spaces. In the background tamburelli beat the fevered rhythm of traditional pizzica.

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The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia guides to food in Puglia. Brought to you by gaypugliapodcast. Pasta with squid, in squid ink.

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