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Gay Puglia | Polignano a Mare

Puglia is considered to be one of Europe’s top 5 gay destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers. The salty hot summer and the salty hot Italian men glistening and dripping in speedos, our default beachwear, guaranteed to make you thirsty. A long-time favourite of Italy’s gay population, Puglia draws a sophisticated international gay crowd all summer long. And it’s a very long summer...

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Gay Puglia | Polignano a Mare

Polignano is one of Puglia’s most iconic destinations. It may not be the heart of Puglia’s gay summer scene, but you can still feel the pulse.

Polignano’s gay beaches

Visitors are increasingly drawn by the secluded naturist beaches around our region. There are spots up and down Puglia’s coast where nude bathing coincides with predominantly, but not exclusively, gay and gay-friendly locals.

Pietra Egea lying between Cozze and Polignano a Mare and Torre Incina between Polignano and Monopoli draw gay and nudist bathers from as far as Bari.

But be aware. Italians embrace metrosexuality, be it their style or personal grooming.  Just don’t mistake it for homosexuality. Sometimes the two coincide, sometimes not.

Freak Beach | Pietra Egea | Cozze | Situated along the beautiful Costa Ripagnola between Cozze and Polignano a Mare. This section of coast has beautiful trulli, wonderful caves and beautiful blue sea. The naturist beach (mainly rocky shelves) is between Pietra Egea and Cala Capoti, a little beyond Cala Capoti in the direction of Cozze.

How to get there | Exit the SS16 and continue along the complanare | heading south towards Polignano at the Cozze exit | heading north towards Cozze at the Polignano a Mare Nord exit | continue to Cala Fetente where you take the road towards the sea, park and continue by foot. Coordinates for Freak Beach here.

Torre Incina naturist beach | Located between Polignano and Monopoli the beach (mainly rocky shelves and coves) draws people from as far as Bari. Exit the SS16 at the Monopoli Nord exit, and drive towards the tower, where you can park. The gay / naturist area is on the other side of the tower from the popular Cala Incina beach (i.e. on the left as you face the sea), a short walk from the tower in the direction of Polignano.

There’s a young gay nudist bathing group originating from Bari who meet at Torre Incina at weekends.

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Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Hot Italian guys are always found on Puglia’s beaches.
Puglia, Italy. Known for olive groves, it is one of Italy’s top foodie destinations. Photo the Puglia Guys for the Big Gay Puglia Guide
Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Puglia Pride. Salento Pride.

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