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Spiaggia D’Ayala | Gay Beach Guide

Puglia’s most popular naturist beach. It’s hot under the Salento sun.

Puglia’s leading naturist beach is easy to access. It’s a popular destination, and is busy all summer long, drawing committed naturists and Italy’s finest ...

  Spiaggia D’Ayala gay and naturist beach

D’Ayala beach is easy to access. It’s a 5-minute walk from parking your car to hitting the gay section (the most extensive part of D’Ayala’s naturist beach).

Be in no doubt, this is a popular beach frequented by committed naturists and dripping with good looking boys looking for sun, sea and - very openly - something else. A must-visit if you want to experience Puglia’s finest.

Listen to the Naked Podcast - Let’s Talk About Sex - from D’Ayala Beach


For the second naked podcast Scott and Davide head to D'Ayala Beach - Puglia's most popular gay naturist beach. Where it's hot, hot, hot and not just because of the golden Salento sun...



For socio-economic reasons so many young men continue to live at home well into their 30's, here in Puglia. So where do they go for their Grindr hookups?

Davide talks about car sex and Scott asks about the phenomenon of married Italian men having sex with other men. Italian society is such that many, many gay men remain in the closet, marry and cruise for sex with men.

Strong language and frank discussion.

Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Italy’s best naturist and gay beaches are in Puglia.

How to get there

An hour drive from Ostuni gets you there. It’s a simple walk from parking your car to the gay section.

Davide’s suggestion | from Ostuni d’Ayala beach is quicker to get to that Torre Guaceto’s naturist beach because of the time it takes to walk to Torre Guaceto after parking your car.

The green route via Campomarino on the SP122 or bypassing Campomarino bringing you onto the Sp122. The yellow zone showing where to park and how to access the gay section.

Spiaggia d’Ayala is also named spiaggia della Commenda, and identified as such on Google Maps.

 On the beach - our review

A long, sandy beach, with deliciously scented maquis scrub dunes running behind it. There’s a pine wood conveniently located behind the gay section. A few rocks are scattered around the beach and at the sea’s edge. The sand is a little coarser underfoot, the water warm and welcoming.

Naturist bathing is not officially licensed at D’Ayala. But it has been practiced for over thirty years.

Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Italy’s best naturist and gay beaches are in Puglia.
Visitors from Milan relax and enjoy Spiaggia D’Ayala, our favourite gay and naturist beach in Puglia, though it wasn’t the top choice in out Best of Gay Puglia Survey 2020.

D’Ayala is Puglia’s most popular gay naturist beach. Over the summer months this is a well-known, busy beach. Most gay Italians coming to Puglia for their fix of summer sun (many take extended month-long holidays, some will return home to the region from the north’s larger cities, staying for 2 - 3 months) have it on their list of beaches to visit.

It draws a very mixed crowd, of all ages and all sorts. From dark-skinned, dark-haired Mediterranean men, some wonderfully hairy, many smooth to best show off their toned bodies - the current fashion of Italian men removing most of their body hair is evident, as is the trend for well groomed facial hair - to Northern Europeans, very much at home with the naturist culture.

Getting naked feels, well absolutely natural here. But it is not obligatory. We suspect two-thirds of the people on the beach enjoyed the opportunity to be at one with nature. Besides the Salento sun is strong and relentless. Not all body parts are suited to exposure to UV rays. In any event another Italian trend is to have a well bronzed upper and lower torso, while retaining a milky white butt, clearly defined within tan-lines. Just ask Davide.

The Italian condition of style and substance extends to Italian men looking after themselves. Bronzed, sculpted bodies, glinting with light sweat or dripping salty sea are in no short supply. But as with Torre Guaceto, the popular naturist beach on the Adriatic coast, there is no sense of body shaming or inadequacy for anything less.

The beach has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. We spoke to a number of people passing by.  But it is sexually charged, with very obvious cruising taking place (mainly done on phone apps). Conveniently there are the woods running behind the beach, but do not be surprised to find “soft” activities taking place on the beach in view of all.

Facilities | none | the nearest refreshments are found in Campomarino some 2km away.

We stayed | at Lune Saracene Gay and Naturist B&B | read our review

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The endless olive groves stretching as far as the eye can see and clusters of trulli are both reasons to visit the Valle d’Itria. Indeed, no trip to Puglia would be complete without visiting Polignano a Mare, eating seafood by the old port in Monopoli and exploring the trulli. But even with a dash of Lecce and shot of Otranto you would still be experiencing what most of Puglia’s visitors experience. And while the Valle d’Itria may draw the majority of Puglia’s visitors, it’s Salento that puts the “extra” into extraordinary.

"We are in Puglia."

~ Helena Bonham Carter