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Puglia by cake | Zeppole di San Giuseppe

Father’s Day in Italy always falls on la festa di San Giuseppe - St. Joseph’s Day - 19 March. We celebrate with cakes of course. Zeppole di San Giuseppe.

Made using a soft choux pastry, baked and then fried according to the original recipe although you can just bake them. Once cool they are filled with crema pasticciera (crème pâtissière) before being topped with some more of the pastry cream and finished with sour cherries in syrup.


Life in Puglia is seasonal, defined by the weather, the produce and also by festivals... and cake. Fortunately we don’t have too long to wait for our next treat.

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Chiacchiere from Puglia for Carnival time

Last Time

The wonderfully named chiacchiere (from the verb chiacchierare, to chatter, to gossip and so named because of the crunch they make). Thin fried pastries we eat during Carnevale season before lent.

Next Time

Colomba di Pasqua. Italy’s traditional Easter cake.

What you need to know if you are coming to Puglia

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