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Puglia Love Story | Spaghetti all’Assassina

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Spaghetti all’assassina, Bari’s killer spaghetti | Photo copyright ©️ the Puglia Guys for the Big Gay Puglia Guides, local guides to Puglia’s best restaurants, food, accommodation and beaches.

Spaghetti all’assassina, or “murderer’s spaghetti,” is a flavorful and spicy pasta dish from Puglia. It is the perfect meal for a romantic St. Valentine’s Day dinner. This dish is traditionally made with garlic, chilli peppers, olive oil, and sometimes anchovy fillets or capers, giving it a rich and savory taste.

Firstly, the bold and spicy flavors of spaghetti all’assassina are sure to awaken the senses and set the mood for a romantic evening. This dish is perfect for those looking to add a little bit of heat to their Valentine’s Day dinner and spark some excitement.

Moreover, spaghetti all’assassina is a dish that requires patience and attention to detail, much like a successful relationship. It takes time to prepare and requires care to ensure that all the ingredients are perfectly balanced. Sharing a meal like this with a loved one can be a great way to connect and appreciate each other’s company.

Spaghetti all’assassina- Bari’s killer’s spaghetti eat Puglia, traditional recipe from Puglia

Intimate and sensual

Finally, there is something very intimate and sensual about sharing a plate of pasta. The act of twirling glistening strings of spaghetti and feeding each other can be a playful and romantic experience that brings couples closer together.

All of these reasons make spaghetti all’assassina a perfect meal for a romantic St. Valentine’s Day dinner. The dish’s spicy, rich flavors, and the care required to prepare it are sure to make the evening unforgettable and strengthen the love between partners.

Red, hot and spicy

Show someone you love them this Valentine’s Day by cooking them spaghetti all’assassina as the center piece of a romantic meal at home. Make it extra special with a freshly ironed tablecloth, napkins, candles, handwritten menu card and your loved one’s favourite music playing in the background.

Spaghetti all’assassina, Bari’s killer spaghetti
Spaghetti all’assassina, Bari’s killer spaghetti
The stiff spaghetti will start to bend, and the whole process takes about 8-9 minutes. The spaghetti must “be killed”.

Our recipe for spaghetti all’assassina from Bari, Puglia is traditional and authentic. Enjoy it with a bottle of Negroamaro wine, a rich red from Puglia, for the perfect St. Valentine’s dinner.

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