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Paradise Found: Puglia’s Gallipoli Crowned Italy’s Ultimate Gay Destination

Gay Puglia the ultimate guide to Italy’s top gay summer destination. Photo by the Puglia Guys for the Bai Gay Puglia Guide.

Gallipoli, located in the beautiful southern Italian region of Puglia, has emerged as the country’s top gay destination. For the 3rd consecutive year, since the Galyly Planet annual poll began, Italy’s LGBTQ+ community have chosen Gallipoli as their top LGBTQ+ friendly destination ahead of Torre del Lago (Tuscany) and Noto (Sicily).

Taking a bigger share of the vote than it did in 2022, a massive 29% of Italy’s LGBTQ+ community have selected the charming coastal town on Puglia’s Ionian coast known for its vibrant and inclusive summer scene and stunning beaches.

Italy’s top gay beach is in Puglia

Punta della Suina in Gallipoli retains its title as Italy’s top gay beach.

Puglia is one of Italy’s top LGBTQ+ regions

Northern Italy is the popular choice for LGBTQ+ Italians to live and work, reflected in Emilia Romagna (Bologna – undoubtedly Italy’s top gay city of choice), Lombardia (Milan) and Tuscany (Florence, Viareggio) taking 70% of the total vote being voted the top Italian regions perceived to be the most LGBTQ+ friendly.

Puglia comes in 4th place, interestingly ahead of Lazio (Rome).

Puglia: Italy’s top gay summer destination for 2023

Puglia remains Italy’s most visited LGBTQ+ friendly summer destination.

Further afield Spain was the top friendly destinations to visit elsewhere in Europe, although 59% of respondents noted they chose to stay in Italy on summer vacation – a huge 75% taking their vacation in August and September.

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