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Lune Saracene Gay B&B | our review

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On our visit to D’Ayala beach we stayed at Lune Saracene Gay and Naturist B&B.

Run by Umberto and Angelo it is a gay B&B guesthouse. They have three guest rooms. We stayed in their Corto Maltese bedroom. It had air conditioning, a mini-fridge and some beautiful art. As did the entire house. Many paintings and drawings are of Umberto and Angelo, made by guests and local artist friends. There are some lovely ceramic pieces, often made by the artisan potters of Grottaglie.

The B&B is 1km from the naturist beach (Spiaggia della Commenda on Google Maps).

Our room was clean and bright. All rooms have a private bathroom, although ours was not en suite. It was directly opposite our room, at the end of a small corridor, next door to the guest house private kitchen. It did mean that we had to pass through a discrete public area to get from one to the other, albeit not used by other guests.

From the south-facing porch you can glimpse the sea at the end of the driveway, through the pine trees. Sitting there in the heat of the evening you can hear the lapping of waves on the beach. The loungers and sofa add some chill. At first we felt odd sitting their clothed while some other guests were lounging in the nude. But it made perfect sense; the beach is predominantly naturist. It felt quite natural  - forgive the pun - to have that extended to the B&B

Breakfast included cereal and yogurt, pastries, fruit juice, teas and coffee.

2020 rates - rates vary according to low (April | May | October), mid (June | July | September) and high (August) season:

double, single guest | 45€ | 55€ | 65€
double, two guests | 75€ | 85€ | 95€
triple | 100€ | 120€ | 140€

Check-in from 14:00, check-out by 11:00.

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