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#ILoveGay Travel

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We took part in the PinkMedia | #ILoveGay | “Travel Influencer Series”. The project brings together LGBTQ+ bloggers, vloggers and influencers from around the world.

“We didn’t start out with the aim of becoming a travel influencer,” said the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. “Our journey started as a podcast about LGBT life and culture in Puglia, Italy where we are based. To promote the podcast we started an Instagram account; soon the Instagram posts became more popular than the podcast. Then we started receiving enquiries from people planning on vacationing in our region leading us to publish a variety of FAQs on our website. Our role grew organically from that, until we found ourselves taking on the role of travel influencer focussing on gay travel to our region. That’s our niche, and we are happy to stick with it”.

Polignano a Mare has one of Puglia’s most iconic views. Puglia is Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBT travel with a variety of gay and nudist beaches, gay bars and clubs and a chilled gay scene. Photo by the Puglia Guys for The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia.

We were in Polignano a Mare which made a fine backdrop for the interview.

Thanks to Matt for including us in the project.

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