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Visiting Puglia | useful information

Continuing our posts on the subject of useful information for travellers coming to Puglia on holiday.

We’ve shared our thoughts on driving in Puglia, about Italy’s currency and changing money before you get here, and the documentation foreign nationals require for entry to Italy.

Opening Hours - La Pausa

We work from 9am - 1pm and from 5pm - 8pm, more or less. Some tabacchi close around 12.30pm, some shops re-open around 4.30pm.

Restaurants will generally stop serving lunch around 2.30pm - 3pm if you are lucky. Just in case we suggest that you get there before 2pm.


Tipping | we don’t generally tip in Italy | sometimes we leave the small change up to the nearest €.


Distance | is measured in centimetres, metres and kilometres
Speed | is measured in kilometres per hour (km/h)

  • 100 km is a little more than 62 miles.
  • 100 miles is approximately 161 km.

Temperature | degrees celsius or centigrade (°C - these are the same)

  • 30°C is 86°F.

Mass | measured in grams, kilograms and tons.


Power | Italy operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz | there are two main socket plug types: two round pins and three round pins. - take a universal adapter just to be sure.


Repellent | we have mosquitoes from around May to September. You can buy repellent here, or before you arrive. Likewise soothing cream or treatment for bites - especially if you don’t have them at home.

Accommodation | we recommend you choose accommodation that has insect screens fitted over the windows.


Personal security | we don’t consider Puglia to be an unsafe destination for holidaymakers | be cautious as you would in any other tourist destination | though rare, pick-pocketing and robberies could happen in crowded spots | keep your valuables secure wherever possible, especially on the beach if you are planning to go swimming.

Our experience | we have left our cell phones on display on cafe bar and restaurant tables outside, in a parked car, and in an unguarded backpack on a beach while we swim, along with our wallet, without incident. Nevertheless that does not mean you should do so - and our advice as above stands.

Street crime | the mafia (Sacra Corona Unita) exist in Puglia but it isn’t something that should be a concern to travellers | organised crime in Puglia is rarely in the public eye, except in Foggia | there are no public shootings or any obvious form of organised crime on the streets.

Accommodation | ensure shutters are fitted to windows - these are quite common to keep the sun out | many villas are fitted with alarms and benefit from private security. Break-ins do happen; some family members rented an apartment in the countryside with a security gate, alarm, secure doors and shutters and were still broken into. But they are the only visitors that we know of who have had such an experience.

Car security | we regularly read advice against renting cars in Puglia on travel advice forums, because of the risk that hire cars will be a target, and will be stolen and shipped abroad. This is not something we recognise - and in fact, any cars that we have hired have no markings that would identify them as hire cars. We know of no-one who has experienced any such incident.


What you need to know if you are coming to Puglia

Getting Here

Visas and Embassies



Useful Information

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