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Gay Puglia | Pôr do Sol, Baia Verde, Gallipoli

Year on year, Puglia’s reputation as a gay holiday hotspot grows. Salento remains the focus for gay travellers. The beautiful and the “gifted” are found hanging out on the beaches around Gallipoli and nearby Baia Verde.

Gallipoli has a well known reputation for being one of Italy’s top gay summer destinations, drawing a cosmopolitan and domestic gay crowd.

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“Our gaydars have never been as confused as when we first hit the beaches of Puglia. Italian men (gay and straight) take good care of their bodies and have a lot of pride in what they wear. And we love them for it!”

The Nomadic Boys, The Best Gay Destinations in Europe for LGBTQ Travellers


If you want a cool beach vibe, a gay friendly crowd and some fine sandy beach around Gallipoli head to Pôr do Sol. It draws a mixed crowd in every respect. Italians and international visitors, younger and older, friends and couples, gay and straight.

The beach club has a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to kiss your boyfriend or your girlfriend you won’t be asked to leave (unlike another once but no longer gay-friendly lido in Gallipoli - one to be avoided).

The food is fresh and simple - all you need for a light lunch on the beach. The prices are reasonable all summer long - especially by Gallipoli standards.

We prefer to stay in Baia Verde rather than Gallipoli’s old town - it’s easier to drag yourself to the beach in the morning. But this is a popular holiday destination and accommodation in Baia Verde is very expensive, particularly in August and either side.

Be sure to stay to watch the sunset behind the old town. It’s spectacular.

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