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Puglia By Bus

Puglia by bus

If you are travelling around Puglia on public transport taking the bus is often more scenic than the train. Some of the longer routes use coaches for a more comfortable journey.

Puglia is served by a number of regional bus networks. As with train services these are broadly split according to geography.

Bus services are not necessarily the cheaper option. Conversely train services may not be the quickest most direct route. 

Buses can be quicker than trains

Example | Most connections from Bari to Alberobello involve taking the bus to Putignano (1h20m) and then taking the train to Alberobello (30m). Plus layover.

There is a direct service but it is infrequent and takes 2 hours. The equivalent bus service only takes 1h05m.


Timetables and services

Some travel bloggers and guides will recommend using a third party website to check routes and times.

Be aware that aggregators do not always offer all solutions. When we searched the Bari Alberobello route on Omio the fastest service it found was the Ferrovie del Sud Est (FSE) 1h59m service with a change at Putignano. It missed the quicker, direct service taking 1h05m (shown above) identified by the same search on the FSE website.


Bus Operators


Connecting Bari airport with Brindisi, Lecce, Taranto, Foggia and various destinations in Gargano including Vieste, Peschici and others en route. It also has a service to Matera in Basilicata (via Altamura). There are also services from Brindisi’s Salento airport.

Ferrovie Sud Est Buses

Serving Bari, Taranto, Lecce, Brindisi and their provinces. Toll free phone (from Italy): +39 0800079090


Providing services in the province of Bari, and part of the Foggia and Taranto provinces. Toll free phone (from Italy): +39 0800091155

STP Lecce

Public transport throughout Salento. Infotel: +39 0832228441

STP Brindisi

Public transport in Brindisi and throughout its province. Toll free phone (from Italy): +39 0800232042

Salento Bus

Bus connections to various destinations in Salento.

Ferrovie Appulo Lucane Buses

Connecting Bari and provinces with Basilicata. Toll free phone (from Italy): 199811811 Infotel: +39 0805725263

Ferrovie del Gargano Buses

The provinces of Foggia and BAT (Barletta- Andria-Trani) are connected through 18 bus routes. Forty-seven additional bus routes serve the entire province of Foggia. Infotel: +39 0805207311

Gargano Easy to Reach

Direct bus connections from Bari airport to and from Manfredonia/Monte Sant’Angelo, Mattinata, Vieste, Rodi/Peschici.

Download timetable and info here.


Routes to Foggia run across the northern province of Bari, reaching major Gargano towns. The Bari line runs through Taranto and major Salento towns.

CTP Taranto

Public transport throughout the province of Taranto. Toll free phone (from Italy): 800230083


Infotel: +39 0805790216

Miccolis Spa

Public transport throughout several of Puglia’s towns.

City Buses

Public city transport throughout metropolitan areas and the outskirts.

Amat Taranto: infotel +39 0997795527-

Sgm Lecce: infotel +39 0832340898 -

Ataf Foggia: Toll free phone (from Italy) 800362772 -

Amtab Bari: Toll free phone (from Italy) 800450444 -

Stp Brindisi: Toll free phone (from Italy) 800232042 -


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