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Ornellechiette – Puglia’s pasta tribute to Italian music legend

Ornellechiette - Puglia’s pasta tribute to Italian music legend

In an exciting initiative Regione Puglia’s department for tourism and culture have announced the launch of a limited edition range of regional food products for 2021.

In a statement issued this morning Michele Emiliano the region’s President announced:

“Food is an integral part of Puglia’s identity. Our region’s dishes are usually simple. They don’t rely on fancy sauces or fancy ingredients. What makes the difference is the quality of the ingredients. 

When people think of Puglia they think of orecchiette - our region’s iconic pasta shape.

Today I’m excited and proud to announce the first of our limited edition range of food products for the digital age. A limited edition pasta that celebrates the best of Puglia and the best of Italy - Ornellechiette, Puglia’s pasta tribute to legendary music star Ornella Vanoni.”

Anna Rosaria Piccinni newly elected president of the Board of Directors of InnovaPuglia, Puglia region’s in-house innovation agency, explained the launch.

“Puglia is a hub of innovation. That’s why we are thrilled that in partnership with some of our region’s top chefs and restauranteurs we have come up with an iconic new product range bringing together the best of Puglia and the best of Italy. 

It’s not a rebranding, it’s an innovation.

When you think about it the opportunities are endless. This summer instead of a caffè Leccese we could be enjoying a caffè Gazzèse on the famous baroque squares of Lecce, in tribute to Max Gazzè whose quirky 2021 Sanremo competition entry “Il farmacista” finished 17th in the first round on the fifth night of the contest. It can be done!

Or how about a glass of Negramaro wine? Actually a glass of Negroamaro wine, but named after Puglia’s most famous pop band whose name comes from the same wine produced in their native district?”

In a tweet on her official Twitter account Ornella Vanoni who first came to fame in the 1960s and continues to have hits seven decades later explained why she was thrilled to be the face of Puglia’s limited edition pasta:

“It’s so fitting. Each day I wake up and the first thing I do is treat myself to a glass of prosecco and small plate of orecchiette con cime di rapa. Now my day can start with a plateful of ornellechiette smiling right back up at me! How wonderful. That’s something to celebrate with a glass of prosecco!”

Italy’s singing legend, known for her sophisticated pop style and the theme to the critically acclaimed 1972 mystery thriller film Don't Torture a Duckling has fond recollections of Puglia.

“I visited Puglia once, and I have a lot of male fans who spend their summer vacation there. I am delighted that they chose me to be the face of Puglia’s new limited edition pasta.”

Commenting on whether she would be swapping her morning orecchiette for ornellechiette Ms. Vanoni exclaimed:

“Certainly I will. Though I think the beautiful colours of the ornellechiette are too delicate for cime di rapa. I think they are better suited to a light sauce. Perhaps a white wine sauce, with something fresh and seasonal, something light. Yes, with some seasonal fish the ornellechiette would be perfect...”


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