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Conquering Puglia | Gay hookup apps to use on vacation

Puglia is especially known for its tolerance and inclusivity. We put this down to Puglia’s rich and diverse history. Our region has always been a land of passage, a gateway to other cultures. Long before invasion by social media Puglia was conquered by the Greeks, the Romans, the Ostrogoths, the Byzantine Empire, the Normans, Aragonese, French... Many of their various influences can still be seen today.

The Saracens also had a go, but never quite managed. But then, they never had Grindr, Tinder or any other dating apps to help them.


Conquering Puglia | Which hookup apps to use on your vacation to Puglia

It’s the best of both worlds. The perfect partnership of digital and virtual cruising, where you can window shop and at the same time try on to see whether the size fits.

Even sitting on one of Puglia’s gay beaches most guys are busy on their phone.

Gay beach cruising in Puglia is a like ordering on Uber Eats, GrubHub or Deliveroo. Whether you settle on a simple appetizer or go for the all you can eat buffet you know before you’ve even tried a mouthful it’s going to be exactly to your taste. Everything is negotiated in real time before you decide to explore the shade of the pine grove conveniently located behind the beach.

While some of the hookup apps are universal, one of the most popular may not be one you are familiar with.



Grindr is extremely popular hookup app and usually the default, though many Italian guys will use Tinder, especially if they are not open. Scruff is typically underused.

Throughout Central Europe the ROMEO gay dating and chat app from is popular, and most guys looking for a hookup will have a profile and use it; some prefer it to Grindr.


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What you need to know if you are coming to Puglia

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