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Will Italy’s curfew continue into summer?

Italy’s roadmap to reopening underway but 10pm curfew remains in place

From today Italy starts to ease its way out of lockdown with the relaxation of current covid restrictions. Orange is the new red in Puglia and yellow is back for most of the rest of the country.

Prime Minister Draghi says the reopening is “a calculated risk”. Experts call it more of a gamble with thousands of new infections still being recorded daily across Italy.

Entering and leaving higher risk red and orange zones will be permitted with so called "green Covid-19 certifications” proving evidence of vaccination, which will be valid for six months. Although plans to reopen Italy for non-essential international travel have still to be confirmed this suggests that they are likely to feature covid passports in some form.


The ongoing covid state of emergency continues until 31st July.

As such the nationwide evening curfew remains at 10pm. Attempts to push it back to 11pm have so far been rejected, although Puglia’s President Michele Emiliano is reported as saying to RAI1 this will need to change as summer approaches.

"As temperatures rise it is clear that we need to get citizens out of the house a little more", therefore "the curfew time will be moved".

The government have said that the curfew will be reviewed in mid-May.

The government has not yet announced any plans to relax the current restrictions on travel to Italy..

In a speech given last week the tourism minister suggested June 2nd as a possible date for restarting non-essential travel, however this has not been confirmed.

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