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Parla Italian

Parla Italian

Can we introduce you to a fun resource for building your Italian?

Parla Italian have a neat concept. In small mouthfuls they give you real Italian, as spoken on the street, with the English meaning and a literal translation.

To quote them on one of our favourites:

🇮🇹  Vuotare il sacco 
🇬🇧  To confess, to spill the beans 
📕  To empty the bag

One of the joys of their twitter feed is the imagery that means it’s not easily forgotten. If you think about emptying your sack, you won’t forget to spill the beans.

And with a recent change of emphasis from text picture to easy on the eye video clips, we are sure you will agree that it’s certainly worth getting your mouth around some Italian.

Follow them at @parlaitalian on Twitter and at @italian.italiano on Instagram.



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