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#MayIRecommendA2Z | Z you next year

This month we have been taking part in #MayIRecommendA2Z on Twitter hosted by World 🌎🌍🌏 Traveler and Journeys of a Lifetime with two rolling weekly guest hosts.

The premise: starting with the letter "A" on May 1st to "Z" on May 26th plus a daily theme travel bloggers and those passionate about travel share their travel-related pictures that start with the letter of the day or fit the daily theme.

Instagram has, until now, been our social media of choice. But we’ve really fallen in love with Twitter and the ability to engage and interact beyond flicking through pictures with little regard to the text that accompanies it.

Twitter allows us to engage with a different audience. Apart from addressing the needs of the LGBTQ+ traveller (such as our gay beach guides, and for each one there is a guide or information on family friendly beaches) we have always considered ours to be inclusive guides to Puglia, relevant to everyone.

After all, gay travellers need a place to stay, love beautiful destinations and enjoy great food.

We hope those of you who have followed us and our #MayIRecommendA2Z posts have enjoyed finding out more about Puglia. We thank you for the follow and hope you will continue to do so. We certainly will be continuing to enjoy your vibrant pictures of destinations at home and abroad, as well as taking part in some other travel-related # challenges.

For those who have not, a follow is always appreciated - we won’t follow and forget, or unfollow. You will have seen how much we enjoy engaging with you.

The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia was originally a project to help support Puglia’s LGBTQ+ community and to inform about some of the challenges that we experience living in Italy. Despite the engagement our #MayIRecommendA2Z posts have had, not one tweet showing off our beautiful and geographically diverse corner of Italy has won a like from the official tourist board of the Puglia region, despite using #WeAreInPuglia.

We have loved our #MayIRecommendA2Z experience. We only blog and post about our region. It has been wonderful to see the amazing destinations on offer to any traveller, no matter how seasoned or otherwise.

On our #MayIRecommendA2Z we have been taken all round the world. Enjoyed landscapes and terrain that take us far away from our home, and look and feel so alien. Yet even at the far corners of the globe we find something that reminds us of home. That is, after all, the joy and purpose of travel. Experiencing different cultures, widening our horizons, while bringing us together as we realise that despite societal and geographical differences, we are all the same.

For some Puglia, in the heel of Italy’s boot, was already on your bucket list. For others it may not have been on your radar. We hope we have fixed that now.

So thank you again for asking us to be part of the fun, and we certainly hope to Z (or for those not of a North American disposition, Zee) you all again for the 2022 edition of #MayIRecommendA2Z.

Ci vediamo! (See you around).

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