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Covid-19 in Puglia | May 29 Update

The Italian government uses a classification of regions based on the colours white (minimum risk), yellow, orange and red (maximum risk). That zoning regulates the freedom of movement within the region and movement between regions (as well as the opening of businesses, restaurants and cultural sites).

Currently all of Italy’s regions are in the yellow zone and movement between different regions in the white and yellow zones is currently permitted without restriction.

It is still possible to move from a white or yellow region to the higher risk orange or red one with proof of vaccination. This is the “green certificate”, and like the rest of the EU we don’t yet have a digital version, it is simply document that proves that you have:

- been vaccinated against COVID-19

- recovered from COVID-19 infection

- tested negative in a rapid molecular or antigen test

Certification is only required for those over two years of age.

It is predicted that Puglia will turn white from June 14 which would see almost all covid restrictions being dropped (including the current curfew) other than mask wearing and social distancing.

For this to happen there has to be fewer than 50 coronavirus cases per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive weeks.

From this Monday (31 May) Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Molise and Sardinia will move into the white zone.

Abruzzo, Veneto, Liguria and Umbria are predicted to turn white from June 7th.

Emilia Romagna, Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont and the province of Trento, could follow along with Puglia from June 14th.

Predictions are that all of Italy will turn white by 21 June based on the falling Rt  now at 0.72.


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