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The Puglia Kitchen | Puglia Food Heroes

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Our Puglia food hero series will help you find the best cuisine and restaurants in Puglia

It’s not hard to be a Puglia food hero. Here you will find a no frills approach to cooking. A celebration of what we grow and raise on our land and take from the sea. Fresh and seasonal ingredients bursting with flavour that transform the most straightforward recipes to gastronomic excellence.

Creative cooking doesn’t need to be complicated. #WeAreInPuglia surf and turf doesn’t need to be flashy to be delicious. Using what is at hand (1) something can be made from (almost) nothing and (2) we try to make sure that nothing goes to waste.

The best dishes in Puglia are simple. We would rather eat out at a trattoria offering no frills home cooking than a restaurant putting style over substance.

But we acknowledge a culinary dilemma. Young and exciting chefs steeped in the cooking traditions of our region want to challenge and refresh that tradition. Keen to push the boundaries, yet remain authentic. They have every right to. Puglia’s cuisine ranks among Italy’s and the world’s finest. After all, who brought the joy of burrata to the world?

Puglia for foodies, introducing Puglia food heros.

This is a dichotomy we will seek to explore and resolve (at least in our mind) as we discover what it means to be a #PugliaFoodHero.


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