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Quarantine requirements for unvaccinated travellers from the US

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Unvaccinated travellers from the United States will have to undergo a mandatory quarantine for five days. After the five days a negative molecular or antigenic swab test is required to end the quarantine.

In addition certification of molecular or antigen testing carried out within 72 hours prior to entry is still required and the Passenger Locator Form must also be completed and presented on arrival.

No quarantine is required for travellers from the United States in possession of

  • the EU Digital COVID Certificate issued at the end of the prescribed cycle following successful vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 or a certification issued by the local health authorities following a vaccination validated by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • the EU Digital COVID Certificate issued following recovery from COVID-19 or similarcertification issued by local health authorities.
    and must relate to one of the four vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency:

  • Comirnaty from Pfizer-BioNtech
  • Moderna
  • Vaxzevria
  • Jansen (Johnson & Johnson)
    Certificates must be in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

    Vaccinated travelers must also provide certification of molecular or antigen testing carried out within 72 hours prior to entry is still required and the Passenger Locator Form must also be completed and presented on arrival.

    For further information along with details of limited exemptions see the Italian Health Ministry site (in English). For definitive advice please refer to the U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Italy travel advisory information.

    These rules apply until at least 25th October, 2021.

    For those quarantining

    **By way of guidance only - please refer to the official Italian and U.S. links for definitive advice.**

    Quarantine starts from the date you arrive in Italy. On the sixth day, if you have not developed any Covid-19 symptoms and you have not been contacted by the health authority requiring that you to stay in quarantine, you can go for a test. But you must continue to isolate until you have the negative test result.

    Covid Testing

    A covid test is still required prior to arrival. Travellers must produce a negative molecular or antigen swab test taken in the 72 hours prior to entering Italy.

    A second negative molecular or antigen swab test is required to end the quarantine which can only be taken after five days in quarantine (i.e. on the sixth day).

    Many pharmacies offer this on a walk-in basis. The test and the printed result in English (and Italian) was available within less than 15 minutes of arriving at a cost was 36€ for two people.

    See the Italian Ministero della Salute website (in English) for fuller detail.

    For additional information on testing in Puglia see our list of where and how to test. Further information is available from the Puglia Region website.

    Where to quarantine

    On arrival connections by public transport to your final destination are not permitted, although you can take a taxi. Otherwise you must use a car rental or have a friend or relative collect you (contact with them should be limited).

    Your quarantine address must be the one specified in the Passenger Located Form submitted upon arrival.

    Travellers can quarantine at their home, holiday residence or rental. If this is shared you must self-isolate from others.

    If you are staying at a hotel check before you travel whether they will allow you to quarantine. They can refuse.

    Your hotel may be able to make arrangements for the second test required to end quarantine.

    If you are unable to find anywhere suitable to quarantine or are unable to reach your destination in accordance with these rules the local authority reserves the right to put you in accommodation of their choosing, which may be a designated hotel, at your expense.

    During quarantine you are not allowed out - not even buy food or other essentials. You will have to make alternative arrangements for these.

    Local health authorities may check that you are observing quarantine. Those who fail to comply will be subject to a fine up to 1,000€

    In addition to the above measures, we suggest that all travellers consult the Italian Government’s online questionnaire (in English) for more advice on entry requirements and travel to Italy.


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