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Be Puglia | September Song

100 days to Christmas

Half way through September. Our social media feed is already full of warming Autumn recipes and comfort food for the fall. This morning we were reminded that it is exactly 100 days until Christmas…

August may have come to a close but that does not mean Puglia has.

The contrast between the two months could not be greater. Until the end of August the main beaches are packed. But come September 1st they feel empty in comparison.

Private beach clubs remain open, the rental charges for sun beds and umbrellas much reduced. Bars and restaurants can catch a breath after a month of frenetic service and we are able to grab a space on the terrace without having to wait.

Accommodation is more economical. Hotels, B&B and apartments are less expensive than the August peak, reducing as October - and the end of the summer season in Puglia - approaches.

The intense summer heat is over for another year and the heatwave has subsided. But with temperatures in the high 20s to low 30s C (mid 80s F) it is the perfect time for swimming or exploring the vineyards, olive groves and natural beauty on offer in Puglia.

A sense of calm and quiet returns. Local residents reclaim their piazze now that domestic visitors have gone back home and back to work, sharing it with those international visitors on a late or last minute vacation to take advantage of the immediate lull and the still fantastic weather.

#WeAreInPuglia and September is definitely one of our favourite months.

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