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A Very Puglia Christmas | Ostuni’s Crochet Christmas Tree

A Very Puglia Christmas | Ostuni’s Crochet Christmas Tree

We await, with bated breath, Puglia’s latest Christmas tourist attraction, set to become a Guinness World Record.

Sunday will see the reveal of Ostuni’s giant crochet Christmas tree, made entirely by hand, in a “strategic” location where it can be “admired by all citizens”.

For about three months, hundreds of expert hands (grandmothers aged 70 to 95) have been working continuously to produce the over 4,000 coloured wool tiles to make a crochet Christmas tree that will be “at least 11 meters high (perhaps even more)”.

Illuminated from the inside it will stand as “the tallest crochet Christmas tree in Italy”.

Bah humbug!

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