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Be Puglia | Carnevale 2022

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The town of Putignano in Puglia, is home to the oldest and most extended Carnevale celebration in Italy. Photo ©

Carnevale celebrations take place across Italy. The Venice carnival, La Maschere, is perhaps the best known but the ancient town of Putignano in Puglia is home to the oldest and longest Carnevale in Italy.

Celebrations traditionally kick-off on December 26 with the lighting of the votive candle and the feast of the Propaggini, a satirical review of the past year.

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The main attraction is the famous parade with oversized papier-mâché puppets and floats, ending with a 365 toll of bells that marks the start of Lent. The parade usually takes place over a few nights in the week before the start of Lent, and attracts well over 10,000 each night.

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Carnevale is celebrated all around Puglia, with the other best known celebrations taking place in

  • Manfredonia
  • Massafra
  • Gallipoli
  • Aradeo
    Carnevale is a time for fun, feasting and confetti. Look out for the wonderfully named chiacchiere (from the verb chiacchierare, to chatter, to gossip and so named because of the crunch they make). Thin fried pastries we eat during Carnevale season before lent.

    Update January 2022 | due to Omicron the 2022 parade has been postponed until summer. Keep up to date at the official Carnevale di Putignano website.

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