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Puglia Travel Tips | Driving in Italy

Travel tips driving in Puglia Italy

Driving around Puglia is relatively straightforward, and is often the most practical way to explore our region. Puglia had relatively good road links. Road infrastructure is almost 8% higher than Italian average (source).

Ignore the stereotype. Most Italian drivers are competent.

Although they might not know what turn signal indicators are for. They might have no sense of priority at junctions (traffic circle roundabouts are even worse; be prepared to give way to oncoming drivers who, as if being sucked in by a black hole, seem incapable of slowing down to escape their gravitational pull as they approach). And like moths to a flame they will be drawn to the rear of your car. Tailgating, like food and soccer, is another Italian passion.

But don’t be put off by aggressive driving. Be confident and you will fit right in.

ZTL sign Puglia

The biggest problem that you are likely to come across driving in towns and cities is finding a parking space (why small is beautiful when choosing a rental car) and avoiding “Zone a Traffico Limitato” restricted traffic areas (ZTL) often found in historic old town centres.

Italians have become creative when it comes to parking. No need to perfect parallel parking skills when you can just pull nose first into a space. Who cares if your tail sticks out. That’s just another obstacle for road users to negotiate. Corner spots at junctions, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts all provide space that can be utilised by the savvy Italian driver.

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