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Ostuni | David 5-Star’s Ostuni Video Tour

Ostuni Tuk Tuk tour with Davide

Our favorite tuk tuk driver continues to bring Ostuni realness to the world. This time join David 5-Star in Gigi and Jeff’s Ostuni Tour YouTube video.

(The YouTube video featured is from Gigi and Jeff’s “Living Simply in Sicily” YouTube video, our main photo is a screen grab from their video).

Introducing Ostuni

Ostuni is one of Puglia’s most popular destinations. It is picturesque, historic and has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene.

A central location means that the rest of Puglia is very accessible from the city making Ostuni the perfect base to explore the rest of our region.

It is also the base of our Puglia Guys’ city HQ.

Piazza della Libertà, Ostuni, Puglia

Ostuni has a number of tuk tuk tour companies in Ostuni. Like Gigi and Jeff we chose Golapa Ape Calessino Ostuni.

Golapa use electric tuk tuk golf carts rather than gas guzzling Ape that buzz around the old town. And they have David 5-Star, Ostuni’s favorite tuk tuk guide (earning his name from the number of 5 star Tripadvisor reviews he has been given ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️).

Ostuni Golapa tuk tuk tour

David’s tour was packed with interesting facts, many of which were new to us. He showed us some hidden fascist graffiti we had never noticed. We learned why the doors of Ostuni’s old town are the colors they are and the size they are. David pointed out Ostuni’s smallest door as well as taking us to Puglia’s most famous door…

whitewashing Ostuni walls, Ostuni Puglia

Full guided 30-minute tours, with stops for photographs, will cost around 30€ per person for 2, 20€ per person for 3, etc..We paid for our tour and also tipped David 5 -Star for his 🔝 tour service. Feel free to do the same.

Be sure to ask for David 5-Star to drive you around Ostuni - and tell him we told you so!


More | read our city guide to Ostuni | use our Eat Puglia drop down menu to check out our Ostuni restaurant and bar reviews, or find them here | discover our “You Gotta Eat Here” curated Puglia restaurant recommendations | looking for accommodation in Ostuni - stay here in the town or stay here in the countryside.

More | visit the Ape Calessino Ostuni website | Golapa offer a shuttle/tour/tourism service, including a shuttle service to and from Ostuni’s out of town train station | pick up a Golapa tuk tuk on via Giosuè Pinto, Ostuni at the side of Ostuni’s main parking lot at Via Salvatore Tommasi, 72017 Ostuni BR | Tel # 1: +39 327 4510809 Tel # 2: +39 345 0451445 | email:


Listen to our Podcast | Our Ostuni Tuk Tuk Tour

We’re in a safe pair of hands as we ride with Ostuni’s top and most satisfying Tuk Tuk tour guide, David 5-Star from Golapa, our preferred Ostuni Tuk Tuk tour operator.

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