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Nomadi Digitali | Italy’s New Digital Nomad Visa

Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa photo the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia

In a bid to attract new talent to the region, Italy will soon reveal a new residency permit for remote workers. The new digital nomad visa, to be launched by September at the latest, will let foreign professionals live in Italy while continuing to work for employers abroad. It is anticipated that the visa will give access to a resident ID card and most public services.

Digital nomad visas are a way of attracting new ideas and talent as well as capitalising on the growth of remote work to inject foreign capital into the local economies.

Luca Carabetta, an Italian parliament member of the Five Star political party, says Italy’s scheme will combine the best elements of other digital nomad visas. He expects it to attract 5% of the global nomad market, which he estimates to be around 40 million people, in its first full year.

“A digital nomad can bring to us skills in everything from architecture to engineering, so it’s a good way to open up our country to skills from abroad,” explains Carabetta. With the oldest population in Europe, he considers the temporary visa as a way of attracting younger residents, who can use it to test-drive a more permanent life in the country. “Our ultimate goal could be to have them, yes, as guests in Italy, but also to possibly establish themselves here.”

In preparation for the new visa, Carabetta says Italy has spent more than 1 million euros beefing up IT networks, improving transport and modernising infrastructure in rural communities – all in the hope that digital nomads drawn to Italy’s more remote corners can help contribute to their economic development.

Although eligibility requirements for would-be nomadi digitali have to be confirmed, here is what is known so far:

    • Valid Passport – Your passport must be valid while applying for the visa
    • Income Requirement – You must meet a certain income requirement [amount to be announced]
    • Work Remotely – You must work remotely for a company, clients, or own a business located outside of Italy
    • Highly Skilled Worker – You must qualify as a highly-skilled worker, which may mean holding a Master’s Degree
    • Health Insurance – You must have health insurance coverage during your stay in Italy
    • Clean Criminal Record – You must have a clean criminal record.


It is believed that the digital nomad visa will last one year in the first instance, and can be extended to close family members.


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