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Be Puglia | Sergio from Italy Gay Travels

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“Join a select group of avid gay travellers basking in the sunshine and beaches of Gallipoli, Puglia.

Italy Gay Summer Party 2022 is a 3-day event packed with fun, sun, laughs and Prosecco, obviously!

Italy Gay Summer Party is held in the heart of Salento, the Southeastern-most tip of Italy, in the so called Italian Ibiza, Gallipoli. Amazing food, Caribbean like sandy beaches, hot boys and friendly locals: what else do you need? Have a look at the full program of the event and book your event pass now!”

Ahead of this weekend’s summer boat party in Gallipoli organised by Italy Gay Travels, part of their Italy Gay Summer Party 2022 taking place in Puglia, we catch up with Sergio.

Ciao! Please introduce yourself.

I am Sergio Scardia. I was born in Puglia (a few) years ago, proud citizen of this amazing region! I serve the LGBTQ+ community worldwide, by organising amazing gay trips in the heel of the boot with my company, Italy Gay Travels.

Sergio +1, photo from Italy Gay Travels

What makes Puglia different from other destinations in Italy?

Amazing beaches, breath-taking landscapes, great food, friendly locals... should I really go on?

How would you describe LGBTQ+ life and culture in Puglia?

Puglia is unique: friendly, welcoming and warm! Everybody is ready to mingle with anybody else as they are! The LGBTQ+ community can feel safe and accepted in a truly inclusive environment.

Where are your three favorite places in Puglia:

To visit:

Taranto, as it is the city where I was born.

Nardo’, as it is the city that adopted me.

Lecce, as it is the city where I always love to go back to for its bohemian atmosphere.

Lecce’s The Basilica di Santa Croce has one of the finest and most intricate Baroque facades in Italy, taking over 200 years to complete, its detail exquisite. Gay Puglia and gay Lecce guides brought to you by the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia.

To eat at:

Gustavo Ristoro, for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere in Galatone.

Osteria Briganti, the best seafood in Gallipoli.

ZerOtondo, in Martina Franca, probably the best sourdough pizza in Puglia.

To party at:

Sundays all year round at Lido Por Do Sol in Gallipoli.

Picador Nights in Gallipoli, LGBTQ+ friendly nights in the Summer.

quanto basta in Lecce, likely the best cocktails of Puglia.

On the subject of eating, Puglia is known for its cuisine. What are your three favourite regional dishes or things to eat?

Orecchiette con le cime di rapa, ciceri e tria, pittule.

Orecchiette con cime di rapa recipe for orecchiette with broccoli rabe traditional puglia recipe from Italy

What three things should queer visitors definitely put on their list of things to do when they visit Puglia?

Join our Summer Boat Party in Gallipoli.

Have a naked swim in D’Ayala Beach, Campomarino.

Visitors from Milan relax and enjoy Spiaggia D’Ayala, our favourite gay and naturist beach in Puglia, though it wasn’t the top choice in out Best of Gay Puglia Survey 2020.

Spend a night out in Gallipoli in the summer.

How can folks find out more about Italy Gay Travels?

Take a look at our website and discover all the amazing experiences we organise in Puglia.


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