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Gay Puglia guide, the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia

Italy’s LGBTQ+ community choose Puglia

The Puglia region of Italy is widely recognised as Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBTQ+ travelers, nationally and internationally.

Long, hot summers, clothing optional beaches, the Salento sun and sleepy white-walled hilltop towns. Not to mention fantastic food.

gay Puglia - Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBT travellers.

A 2021 poll of Italy’s LGBTQ+ community carried out by queer travel portal Gayly Planet voted Puglia Italy’s top LGBTQ+ friendly region to visit on summer vacation, ahead of Tuscany and Sicily.

Puglia’s Gallipoli was named Italy’s best gay summer destination for LGBTQ+ travelers comfortably ahead of Tuscany’s Torre del Lago and Noto in Sicily.

In the vote for Italy’s favorite gay beach, Punta della Suina nearby Gallipoli (and which also came top in our Best of Best of Puglia 2020 survey) beat Torre del Lago’s Lecciona beach and Capocotta beach in Rome into first place.

Puglia has two of Italy’s top 5 favorite gay beaches - Campomarino’s D’Ayala beach, our favorite, came in 5th place in the Gayly Planet poll.

Puglia is Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBT+ travel

How the world see Puglia as a destination for LGBTQ+ visitors

International Travel and Lifestyle Magazines aimed at the LGBTQ+ market are effusive about Puglia as a destination.

“Thanks to its inclusive and unequaled welcome, Puglia has established itself over time as one of the best Italian gay destinations… Whether you're looking for clothing optional, white sand, remote serenity, or packed with eye-candy, discover your paradise.”

Quiiky Magazine, The Top 10 Gay Beaches in Puglia

“White-walled hilltop towns, long hot summers, fantastic beaches, and one of Europe’s top summer destinations for #LGBTQ+ travelers. It can only be Italy’s Puglia Region.”

Vacationer Magazine, Ultimate LGBTQ+ Guide for Italy’s Puglia Region

“Heralded as one of Italy’s best destinations for queer travelers, #Puglia is a favorite beach destination with a unique history, architectural style, and community of its own.”

Quiiky Magazine, Exploring Puglia, Italy’s Beachfront Gay Paradise

“Puglia, A Capital of LGBT Culture in Italy (And Great Beaches!).”

Quiiky Magazine, A Quick History of LGBT Culture in Italy

The world’s best known gay travel influencers the Nomadic Boys rate Puglia as Europe’s 5th top gay destinationEurope’s 5th top gay destination for LGBTQ+ travelers after Sitges, Mykonos, Tel Aviv and Gran Canaria.

“Oh Italia… where it is virtually impossible to tell the gay men from the straight. Our gaydars have never been as confused as when we first hit the beaches of Puglia. Italian men (gay and straight) take good care of their bodies and have a lot of pride in what they wear. And we love them for it! Puglia is a stunning region of Italy, which has grown more and more popular with LGBTQ travellers.”

Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Italy’s best naturist and gay beaches are in Puglia.

The stand out home of Italy’s top LGBTQ+ seaside destinations - ENIT, the Italian National Tourist Board

Italian National Tourist Board write:

“Puglia, the ‘Heel of Italy’ is rightly considered one of the most gay-friendly Italian regions. The natural beauty of the beaches of Salento and the city of Gallipoli, surrounded by the sea, creates the perfect atmosphere for a vibrant LGBTQ+ community.


“Puglia and Sicily are the regions that stand out today as the home of Italy’s top LGBTQ+ seaside destinations.”

Quali sono i posti più amati dai turisti LGBTQ e perché?

Gay Puglia - the Big Gay Podcast from Puglia. Serving up Puglia’s finest food and destination recommendations. Puglia Pride. Salento Pride.

Gli eventi LGBTQ, come le parate “Pride” e i festival, incoraggiano così tante persone a viaggiare in Europa e all'interno.  In Puglia di solito abbiamo tre eventi di questo tipo: Bari Pride, Taranto Pride e quello per cui la Puglia è più conosciuta, Salento/Puglia Pride.  Quanto più conosciuti e di alto profilo diventano questi eventi, tanto più è probabile che attirino turisti, insieme ai vantaggi economici del loro potere di spesa.

Puglia is Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBT+ travel

The Big Gay Podcast from Puglia è un blog di viaggio inclusivo tutto sulla vita e la cultura in Puglia creato da Scott Maxwell che si è trasferito in Puglia dopo 20 anni vissuti a Londra e lavorando come avvocato presso uno studio legale internazionale.  Il contenuto è realizzato con l'ausilio di collaboratori pugliese.  Seguiteli su Twitter - The Puglia Guys  e su Instagram.

Puglia is Italy’s top gay summer destination for LGBT+ travel


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